What to expect on your wedding day


I am always thinking of ways to help brides on their big day. A lot of times I get asked about time lines, how to do something (ex: cutting the cake), how to deal with family members and more! I thought it would be a good idea to send tips I’ve learned and seen other brides & grooms do as well as a chance to get to know me a little more! Typically the photographers are the vendor you will be with most on your wedding day so it’s great to learn about each other beforehand!

First off I will go over some information about why I do what I do, and some things that I like to do the day of your wedding to help you feel more prepared!


I have always loved photography. Back in the film days, I would sneak my mom’s camera and take photos of my stuffed animals all lined up. She learned to start putting her camera where I couldn’t reach it when I filled up multiple rolls of stuffies & toys. When I was 12 we got our first digital camera, a whopping 2 mega pixels and my memory card could hold 50 photos. All through high school I was always know as the girl with the camera to my friends and received a better digital camera for my 16th birthday. When I had my first daughter, Sarah, I wanted to upgrade to something nicer. That’s when I switched over to a DSLR and never looked back! I now have 2 daughters (my youngest is Emma) and I live in North Sewickley Twp (outside of Ellwood City) with my girls, husband Rick & our dog, Jet.

Sarah & Emma

If I am scheduled for getting ready photos I always like to just hang out in the background, let everyone chit chat, laugh and act themselves before the big events begin. If someone needs help with something though I will definitely step in! My second shooter and myself have  put on boutineers, helped button clasps on bracelets, and have even run to the store for stain remover! Oh and I always have a handful of granola bars on me, so if you’re hungry just let me know! 😉


At the ceremony my second shooter and myself always try to stay out of the way as much as possible. We always want to respect the pastor/priest/officiant and your guests. First kiss advice – make it last longer than a peck! I’ve been to weddings where I literally get 1 kissing photo because people kiss so quickly. On the other hand, you don’t have to kiss for 10 minutes either, haha! Afterwards we try to round up family members as quickly as possible for family formals. Always make sure to tell anyone who you want photos of to stay after the ceremony so they don’t leave. I will get all the “must haves” first then move onto guest requests. I will always try to get to the extra requests if time allows us because if we agree to get it later, 9 times out of 10 someone simply forgets or we just run out of time.


Bridal party formals are always a blast! I try to be as quick as possible with the bridal party because it is usually hot for the guys in their suits and uncomfortable for the girls in their heels. Typically I always go with my same routine, bridal party photos first, then guys, then girls. I always do group photos and individual photos of the bride/groom with each girl/guy of the bridal party. After they are all done I let them go back to their cars/limo/party bus/reception location and then focus on the bride and groom. This is my favorite part of the day, getting shots of the bride and groom laughing together, cuddling, kissing, smiling. I try to get a good mixture of posed as well as telling my couples to “cuddle up” and get some sweet candid shots.


At the reception I always introduce myself to the DJ and get the time line from him/her. That way I know when I need to be at a certain place and do not need to rely on the bride & groom to tell me when certain events are. This is the time for you to relax and have fun!

My last tip of the day is to breath and take it all in on the day of your wedding, no matter what happens! I’ve seen a lot of things go wrong at weddings but are usually minor and something the bride and groom laugh at after nerves calm down! The day will be over before you know it so make sure you take time to stop and take it all in.